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We take design personally because your brand deserves a hug!

10 % Positivity

Marion Hett Dipl.MA. Kommunikationsdesignerin, Branding Expertin

20 % Empathy

50 % Brand Design

20 % Brand Strategy

Marion Hett

Dipl. MA. Communication designer
Senior Strategy & Design Director

Marion worked for several years as a designer in Amsterdam for the international agency Design Bridge, in the area of corporate branding. With her expert knowledge, she then ventured into the field test in Germany to build up her own brand, with which she won the ISPO Brand New Award in 2010. Back on the agency page, she's back to yours
Core competencies of design strategy, corporate identity, corporate branding and graphic design, whereby the experience as an entrepreneur helps her a lot to understand the customer even better.
With over 20 years of experience in these areas, she can confidently say:
"To make a company into a brand, to breathe life into it, to give it a face, and to give it an unmistakable character - that's exactly my thing!"


Reach out to Marion:

Hannes Huch, Dipl. Fotodesigner und Video Creator

10 % Speaker

20 % Brand Strategy

10 % Positivity

60 % Photography & Video

Hannes Huch

Graduated photo designer
Senior Creative & Design Director

For a few years Hannes created image films for companies such as Siemens, Interlübke or metron / Porsche, before he devoted himself to founding and building the brand of the "most iconic climbing gym of the world" (Eric Hörst) - the Café Kraft winner. That is why he has a few words to say on the subject of start-ups, which he also does when giving lectures around the world.
The experience he has gained as an entrepreneur is a valuable advisor in practice, because little scares him more than high-quality design quark with horn-rimmed glasses.
After more than twenty years as a designer, his enthusiasm for creativity is unbroken and he loves the challenge of translating emotions into pictures:
»Don't shoot what it looks like.

Shoot what it feels like.«

Reach out to Hannes: hannes@brandhug or +491607353016

Brand Hug Team


"The foundation of every success is the enthusiasm for something that is reflected in your vision - love and live your brand."

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