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bstoked Stationary, CI Design

CAPE Botanical Cosmetics


Corporate identity
Logo design

The company BStoked is targeting outdoor athletes who want a fresh look as well as useful details for their equipment with individual bus extensions geared towards the respective sport.

The challenge:
There are now quite a few bus builders, but none that really appeal to young, dynamic outdoor athletes with their special needs. It was important to create a brand that reflects the enthusiasm for sport and the experience of nature. True to the motto: "when you're stoked, there's no limit to what you can do!"


• Excerpts from other papers •

Bstoked Menschen im Bus
Bstoked Logo auf Bus
Bstoked Logo gestickt auf T-shirt
Bstoked Logo Metall Tasse
Bstoked Logo auf T-shirt
Bstoked  Bus Ausbau
Bstoked Logo Development Drawing
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