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Janja Garnbret Logo mit Farbverlauf im Hintergrund
Logo von Janja Garnbret in weiß

Janja Garnbret

Corporate identity

Graphic design

Fashion design
Video production
PR & social media


There is really only one synonym for Janja Garnbret: GOAT - greatest of all times. Olympic champion, multiple world champion, over 40 World Cup victories ... To list all of the Slovenian superstar's sporting successes here would go beyond the scope of this page. In Slovenia she is a national star and in the climbing world she is in a league of her own, inspiring and motivating across generations.



The challenge:

Personal branding helps an athlete to be perceived as a distinctive personality beyond their sporting achievements in order to inspire others more, to develop themselves and to be authentic. It also helps to be more memorable and increase trust in personal and professional relationships.

At a brand workshop in Ljubljana, we put Janja and her manager on the spot and did what we always do at workshops: We slip into the role of a prospector and set off in search of nuggets. In other words, the parts of a company or, as in this case, a personality that harbour very special potential. 

Janja's signature move, the "Janja flick", was literally crying out to be turned into a logo and we let the following pictures speak for the rest of our work.


Janja Garnbret Claim: dream it! believe it! achieve it!
Janja Garnbret Billboard Stadt
Janja Garnbret Plakat an Bushaltestelle
Janja Garnbret Briefkopf
IMG_8712 2_edited.png
IMG_8711 2_edited.png
Janja Garnbret Hoody Design
Janja Garnbret Cap
Janja X Audi Side 02_edited.png
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