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Editorial Design, Buchseiten Mastermind Jerry Moffatt

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Mastermind book project

Graphic design
Video production
PR & social media

Mastermind is a mental training book for climbers. It was written by climbing legend Jerry Moffatt, and it was relocated by Café Kraft GmbH.

The challenge:
In close cooperation with the world-famous author Moffatt, we came up with a book idea, the aim of which was to make this work every reader's best friend. That is why it has the look and feel of a diary, which you always like to pick up and take notes in.
Especially a training book for mental strength should convince sensually - not only through the words printed in it. That is why all pages have been lavishly designed, set in a unique way and enhanced with individual illustrations.
We managed the entire production of the book, which was published in both German and English. In order to ensure a good portion of bam online, we produced a video clip - viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Instagram - that inspires mental training and the desire for the book.
The result? A bestseller in the niche.

Mastermind Buch im Bücherregal
Mastermind Buch Innenseite mit Stift
Mastermind Buch Innenseite mit Illlustration Adam Ondra
Mastermind Innenseite mit Illustrationen
Mastermind Buch Außenseite und Innenseite
Hannes Huch und Jerry Moffat arbeiten am Mastermind Buch
Mastermind Buch Innenseite mit Alex Megos
Hannes Huch beim Filmen
Jerry Moffatt, Marion Hett und Hannes Huch, das Mastermind Team
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