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Red Chili  Plakatwand in Hamburg

CAPE Botanical Cosmetics

Red chilli

Brand strategy
Graphic design
Web design
Printed matter
Social media planning
Creative concepts

Red Chili is a German climbing shoe brand that has been part of the Edelrid group of companies since 2016.

The challenge
The climbing market has undergone a dramatic evolution in the decade. Indoor climbing has become an absolutely independent sport and a completely new clientele has developed, especially in the bouldering sub-discipline. In joint strategy consultations, we worked out the goal of Red Chili Leader in the "Urban Climbing" category. Accordingly, we worked with the marketing management to develop appropriate concepts such as influencer campaigns or behind-the-scenes series in order to intensify the dialogue with the target group. And revised the visual appearance of all individual measures to increase brand recognition.

Red Chili Workbook Innenseiten
Red Chili Workbook Cover
Red Chili Social Media Content Design Instagram
Red Chili Aufkleber Design
Red Chili: Rein in meine Komfort-Zone!
Red Chili Taha: Into my comfort zone!
Red Chili Rein in meine Komfortzone
Red Chili »Puzzle in action«
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