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What do you get out of the Brand Hug workshop?

Clear Vision and Mission: The workshop offers you the opportunity to discover, rethink and refine your vision and mission in order to effectively integrate them into your emotional branding. You will receive practical guidance and strategies to make vision and mission the core of your brand to create lasting impact with your target audience.

Authentic Brand Messaging: You'll learn how to craft your brand messages to evoke emotion and resonate with your target audience. This will help you create a unique identity for your brand.

Differentiation from the competition: emotional branding allows you to stand out from the competition and achieve a distinctive positioning in the marketplace. You will learn how to make your brand unique and memorable.

Build long-term customer loyalty: emotional branding allows you to build a strong emotional connection with your customers. This leads to long-term customer loyalty, repeat purchases and positive word-of-mouth.

Practical tips and feedback: You will receive practical tips and feedback from experts on how to optimize your emotional branding. This will help you position your brand more effectively and operate more successfully in the market.


Our workshop offers you a unique opportunity to benefit from the findings of brain research and to take your branding to the next level. You will learn how to use emotions to build a strong brand and retain customers for the long term. Join us and use the power of emotions for the success of your brand.


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Who is the Brand Hug workshop for?

For those who are ready to give their brand a good push and understand that their brand wants to be loved and lived.


Start-Up / Founder

If you are in the process of creating your own start-up, the workshop is ideal to build a strong and emotional company identity from the beginning and to strengthen the emotional connection to your target group.


Marketing professionals

If you work in marketing and want to expand your knowledge of emotional branding, you are welcome. The workshop offers you new perspectives and helpful tools to build emotional connections between brand and customer.



If you already have an established business and are looking for ways to reposition or strengthen your brand, the workshop offers practical insights and strategies to optimize your emotional branding.


Brand managers

If you are responsible for maintaining and developing a brand, the workshop offers valuable insights on how to integrate emotional branding into your strategy and build long-term customer loyalty.

Together we create a strong brand positioning with heart and emotion - clarity for your future.

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