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Size doesn't matter

Whether you're a Fortune 100 company or a startup, the fundamentals of building a strong brand are the same.

We employ bullet-proof strategy and compelling design to ensure your brand is recognized, remembered and loved.

What you need:



We offer brand consulting on an hourly basis. In your call, you'll share your business challenges and get ideas for implementing new processes, solutions or resources to help you achieve your goals. For example, it's about brand positioning and strategy, brand identity design, social media marketing-etc. Via phone or zoom. Fee: €250 per hour

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Brand Strategy -
Brand Hug Workshop


Brand strategy

Design without a strategic foundation is like shine without glory. We help you to define the unique character of your brand, to formulate values and goals, to determine your positioning and to transform the whole thing into a structured master plan

- ready for success.

Brand Execution -
Brand Design & 
Brand Kommunikation


As experienced designers, we are now implementing the creative concepts in a radiant corporate design. Eye candy for the hearts of your customers!

Our Brand Hug-Method:
Good design is more than 
just a quick look.

  As designers with a lot of experience and as 

 entrepreneurs, we know that good design is more than

just being beautiful quickly.

As trained treasure hunters, we will find the nuggets in your company and research the emotional drivers of your desired customers.

And then to create an emotional connection between you and him.

Let's go: The steps of
our Brand Hug method
for your brand success.

los geht's
Brandhug Workshop Marion Hett

1. Brand Strategy -
Brand Hug Workshop,
to give your brand
lots of thrust.

In the Brand Hug workshop, we position your brand and define the guidelines for your brand strategy - part 1 of our Brand Hug method.
We used neuro-scientific techniques to create a unique and authentic corporate or brand identity. You explore your brand, understand its values and vision, and develop a clear message. The goal is to build a strong emotional connection with your customers and increase their loyalty. Experience a structured environment to view your brand from different perspectives and formulate a compelling brand message. With a strong brand identity and emotional connections, you'll increase the success of your brand in the long run.
Sounds good, right?


Brand hug Workshop Post-it-Zettel

2. Our offer for Brand Design and
Brand Communication

Discover our range of design disciplines. With passion and a lot of heart we offer you a wide range of creative solutions.
Once the foundation is laid and your brand core is emotionally defined and your brand is emotionally positioned, we move on to the second step of our Brand Hug method, brand execution, design and communication. We focus on a consistent design language that extends seamlessly across all your communication channels.
Our goal is to make your brand design consistent and engaging so that your brand is instantly recognizable everywhere. From your logo and color palettes to fonts and visual elements, we create a design concept that reflects your brand's identity and creates a memorable impact.
Whether it's print materials, your website, social media presences, or other marketing materials, our brand design ensures that your message is delivered consistently and compellingly. Be it online or offline, we'll take care of a design that appeals to your target audience and creates a strong visual presence.
Give your brand a consistent and appealing look that fits harmoniously into your overall brand communication. Contact us and let's work together to develop the brand design that makes your brand shine.


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Industry experience

We have already successfully applied the Brand Hug method in these industries and feel that we are in the best of hands:

Outdoor, sports venues, medicine and health, personal branding

for athletes, fashion, cosmetics, coaching and publishing.

Our extensive know-how in these industries enables us to develop customized solutions for your specific needs and to successfully position your brand.

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